September 26, 2011

Initial reactions

The Buffalo Bills 
The need to win just 2 more games over the next 13 to reach my pre-season prediction of 5 wins. I'm shocked by this. I have never, in my life, cheered for the Buffalo Bills, but I found myself doing so over the past two weeks. This season's Bills have a roster perfect for Buffalo, full of hardworking guys who were for the most part forgotten, a truly blue-collar team. 

The pilot for this new show did not live up to its name.  There is something about the lead actress that bothers me, but regardless of that it doesn't seem like a show that will make it.  I can imagine each episode she'll examine the crime scene, and then they'll have a difficult time solving the case, and then someone will say "Hey, maybe you should use your super memory and try to recall any important details we missed!" and she will, and then they will solve the case.  It's a great formula for cartoons (Voltron, Thundercats, etc) but not so great for primetime drama.

Person Of Interest
This show has some potential because James Caviezel's character is a bit Jack Bauer-ish in his ability to totally kick ass.. the only difference is you don't see it coming.  I've never really followed James Caviezel's career and he didn't really say much in "Passion of the Christ", so I have to ask: Does he really have a scratchy voice like the Dark Knight, or was this Jonathan Nolan's idea?  

Playboy Club
Amber Heard is hot, but this show really sucks. It took me 3 tries to get through the pilot episode.  Many critics have said they try too hard to be Mad Men.  My thinking is they're not trying hard enough.  It's more like a mockery of Mad Men.  

Charlie's Angels
There are two things wrong with this show, that they can easily fix.  The first thing is that during the action/fight scenes, it looks as if the girls fought in slow motion and then they showed the scenes in double time.  There is just something wrong with the speed, no human being could move that fast, not even Jackie Chan.  Perhaps none of the girls took any martial art training and they had no choice?  

I'm sorry to say this but the only reason people will watch this show is for the action and skin.  They need to use the same formula as last year's reboot hit Hawaii Five-O.  They drew in viewers by showing a shirtless Alex O'Loughlin and Grace Park in a bikini while they developed an interesting overarching plot, and by the time you realized that neither one could act, it didn't matter because you were sucked in.  As far as 'believability' goes, the only decent actor on the show is Annie Ilonzeh, but as the token minority she won't be able to carry the show.  They need to take these 3 beautiful women and flaunt them for all they're worth.  Again I'm sorry but there is no other reason to watch this show.  Let's see some bikini's and gratuitous cleavage and butt shots.  Sorry.

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