April 11, 2012

The Diet

I started a diet about 3 and a half weeks ago.  Actually it's probably exactly 3 weeks ago. 

I've cut out all white carbs (please excuse me if my definitions don't make any sense).  Basically what that means for me is that I've stopped eating rice entirely, and no more bread.  I've also stopped drinking pop and beer.  Actually pop and beer was what I had given up for Lent but ended up extending that as part of my diet.

The results have been great.  I haven't exercised a single day yet, which means it's been the diet alone that have showed results.  I started the diet at 166 pounds and as of last Friday I was 156 pounds.  My goal throughout this time has been to reach 150 or less.  That will probably require some exercise on my part.

As I mentioned as of last Friday.  The reason is that Saturday I went to a wedding banquet and ate more than my fair share, and then Sunday my in-laws took us out to a seafood restaurant (where I couldn't eat most of the food now that I'm allergic to shellfish), but they ordered a couple of dishes just for me and I ate it all, quite happily.  I still managed to stay away from the white carbs but the portions were massive.

As of now, I'm 158 pounds.

What I've been eating is mostly vegetables high in fiber but loaded with good stuff.  Red bell peppers has been my main 'snack', just several slices of them per day, usually about half a bell pepper per day.  Costco sells 6 of them for $7 which includes 2 yellow, 2 orange and 2 red.  Which is a shame because the red ones are actually the best from a nutritional standpoint.  They're also the best tasting ones.  For protein we've been buying, in bulk, chicken drumsticks.  We marinate for a day and then we bake them.  I tried to do chicken breast for some time but considering how little fat I'm eating these days I figured it's safe to eat drumsticks. 

I'm also eating a lot of broccoli, cooked and uncooked and occasionally I'm also have cauliflower raw and cooked.  I started eating a mini-cucumber each day in the beginning but stopped when I realized there wasn't that much nutrition in there and I'd rather fill my stomach with only good stuff.  Occasionally we treat ourselves to some pork chops or beef/lamb, but for the most part we're eating chicken.

I also sautee some onions and mushrooms from time to time to eat with either broccoli or cauliflower. 

That's about all I've eaten over the past 3-4 weeks.

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