April 16, 2012

the problem with St. Louis Wings

Here's the problem with St. Louis Wings --

Person A: says "I feel like having wings tonight."

Person B says: "How about St. Louis Wings?"

Person A: "St. Louis Wings sucks and they're overpriced."
Person B: "That's true."

Person A: "But man I really want wings.  Tonight."

Person B: "Where should we go?"
Person A: "I have no idea.."
Person B: "Err.. how about St. Louis Wings?"
Person A: "Fine."

What St. Louis Wings has going for them is that when people think of having wings, they think of them.  And they can't think of anywhere else.  The problem is that they suck.  They really do.  The sauce is always way too thick that you can't even taste the chicken, they have a limited selection of flavors, and everything in the restaurant is overpriced. 

Ina and I used to go to Puck N Wings but the one near us closed down.  We went to All Star Wings on Saturday.  Very good.  New go-to place for wings and beer.


Kenric L. said...

You should check out The Dragon Bistro. (http://www.thedragonbistro.com/)

http://toronto.on.hotwings.ca/ is also a good resource for finding the best places and deals for wings!

ebrian said...

Thanks, I'll give it a try. The problem with Main Street Unionville restaurants I find is that they're always packed and you have to line up to get in.

Kenric L. said...

Their wing nights are on Sundays and Wednesdays... I actually watched the Steelers / Broncos playoff game there and it wasn't too busy...

The wings are pretty good--good selection of flavours especially if you don't like hot stuff.