June 26, 2002

Now for the concert.

The concert was held at the Queensway Cathedral. I met #1 at Spadina/Bloor and we rode the rocket down to Dundas West, and then walked over to Navantis, where Andrew works. (He was giving us a ride to the concert). I was really worried though, the whole time wondering if I'd get tickets, because everyone else with us had preordered them.

When we lined up there, we budded in with a whole bunch of chinese people. #1 and I both felt bad, because there must've been 35 people in this group of ours, and my guess is it started out a 5-6 people. Just a guess. Some kids were trying to get rid of extra tickets and so I bought one!

Delirious started off with Deeper, Sanctify, and a flurry of other songs, I didn't know half of them, but found myself singing along anyway. It was pretty awesome. They did Did You Hear the Mountains Tremble, and people were going nuts, singing along, it was reminiscent of Urbana-style praise. They did I'm Not Ashamed, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, King Of Fools. They also performed a song that isn't even out yet, called Touch. They taught us how to sing it too..

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