October 10, 2002

I'm trying to make a website for my company. It wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be. Making a corporate website is way, way harder than a personal webpage. For one, I can't steal pictures from other sites like I'd do with my own site. Everything has to be original. That's hard. The other thing is I need a corporate standard feel to it. That's really hard. I need a theme. Theme? For an IT company? That is really hard.. I was asked to the page this week, and I've barely even begun.

Quick sporting predictions. The Giants will beat the Cardinals, and the Angels will beat the Twins. I am hoping that Bonds wins a WS this season, but I think that the Angels are too good this year. In hockey, the Leafs will barely make the playoffs and they will get eliminated quickly -- not that i'm giving up on Belfour, who is a lot better than people give credit. It's just that the Leafs will not be able to play their style of hockey because of the new rules. Ottawa will make it far into the playoffs, possibly into the finals. But any team who makes it to the finals will lose to Detroit. In basketball, I predict Vince Carter will burn a lot of people. Too many people, including myself was down on the Air Apparent, but this year he will prove everyone (except his mommy) wrong. He still won't step up as leader of the team, but he is going to put a world of hurt on his defenders this year. Who'll win the East is anyone's guess, but they will lose to any team coming out of the West. I am predicting an upset in the West, where the Lakers will not come out on top. The Lakers will lose because they have Tracy Murray on their team, and no team with Tracy Murray can win or deserve to win a championship. Mark my words: The only way I foresee the Lakers winning it all is if they cut or waive Tracy Murray.

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