October 26, 2002

We're doing the Samaritan's Purse shoe-box thing within our small groups. Oh -- Yesterday at fellowship we had to choose which small group to join. This is actually not so casual -- we had to pick one and commit to it, for one whole year! I had all week to think about which one to join (we could choose from 3). They advertised 3 different groups, the first dealing with understand God's word, and examining the bible. The second one dealt with Christian Living, and the last one was for Serving God. Although they didn't actually say it, I saw them as Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels. All week I struggled between level 2 and level 3, but finally ended up deciding on level 2 for a number of reasons:

-For one thing I don't feel I'm ready to be in the "expert" group just yet
-I've already taken sunday school classes in servitude
-i didn't have to leave the room (the other 2 groups went to other rooms)

As a fellowship, Genesis is pretty large. The age range is 18-28 so you can imagine how big it is. On BS days we'll get as many as Elijah would have on 'fun' nights. So anyway, only 3 small groups, so they wouldn't be exactly small. Ours ended up with 16 people, close to half the number of people who were there.

I started playing this game called Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Basically you sneak around and try to get your target without alerting guards and such. It's actually quite hard, not like the other shoot-em-up games where you can just shoot your way to your target. There are pretty tricky things, like sneaking up behind guards and drugging them so that you can take their clothes and use them as a disguise. Even then you're still not safe because other guards will still investigate you if you go up close to them, since they can recognize their buddies. And when the drugging wears off, then you're in big trouble because this naked guy starts running around to warn all his buddies that someone has his clothes!

The last mission I did was the hardest, I had to infiltrate a castle and take out a japanese mafia leader. He was pretty hard to get, first I had to sneak past at least 10-15 guards and ninja's. I had to steal a keycard from one of his concubines. Finally when I got up to the 6th floor where the boss was, I left a bomb behind a pillar and snuck past him and jumped out a window and made my way along the roof down to the exit, then remotely exploded the bomb!

Today at my guitar lessons I felt a little off because I hadn't practiced all week. Luckily most of the class still hasn't reached my level so the teacher couldn't tell that I hadn't practiced.

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