October 01, 2002

It was my brother's birthday today. We had noodles for dinner, which is supposed to symbolize long life. I don't understand why we still do these silly chinese traditions, when as Christians we should believe we'll live as long as God wants us to live. Anyway, then we went out to see the movie called Four Feathers.

*Possible Movie Spoiler*
I expected a semi-epic for this movie, and I got just that.. however, I felt the movie could have ended at several different times in the movie. There were times I started getting bored and began to look around to see if anyone had fallen asleep. Maybe part of me was anxious to get home to watch Smallville, but I really honestly felt the movie dragged on longer than it had to. And there were times I felt like I didn't understand what was going on, or I didn't understand the purpose of certain parts being in the movie at all. Anyway, I believe this movie is best described as a creation by a director who had a lot to say but didn't know how to do it without letting it drag on and on. I have nothing against long movies, but only if they keep you wanting more, dragging them out is the worst. If you go into this movie, the best way to go in is with low expectations.

There's a new hip artist out. She's not really new per se as she's won awards already, but Avril Lavigne is really good. I got her album and aside from the 3rd track I like every single song she has. That's not bad for a semi-pop/alternative female singer from Napanee! Her big song was Complicated, and Sk8er Boi is out now (track3). I also just heard Smallville play her song "Tommorow" (track7). Her band has good sound, not too metallic or bass, just right -- and she has a very mature voice. Smallville has had the reputation of picking the next big hits, or current big hits for their soundtracks.

As you may have guessed, it was Smallville day. My favorite show, Smallville is about the younger days of Clark Kent (aka Superman). I haven't missed an episode, and I have all of them on my computer, along with just about every Smallville cast interview that has ever been on TV. What can I say, I'm definitely a Smallville fanatic!

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