October 06, 2003


after a really challenging sermon this sunday, i've decided to make a commitment to making devotions part of my daily routine. i've been through this a thousand times, 'going back to daily devotions', but each time the urge has passed and dwindled.

this time, i'd like to post this up so that those of you reading can keep me accountable. i'm going to keep a written diary rather than computer, because i know from experience that i cannot keep myself from being distracted whenever i am on the computer. for now, i will read a chapter every day until i find a good devotional book. in my diary i will keep track of the chapters i read, date and time i read it, my thoughts on the scripture and also record what i feel is my level of spirituality at that time.

i think this is a step in the right direction. throughout my bad and good times, my faith in God has remained very strong. it's time i made a commitment towards not only having a strong faith, but also a great personal relationship with Him.

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