October 15, 2003

quick update

yea-yea, i've been busy ok.

i've travelled about 600 km in the last 3-4 days in my car. the agape retreat was far. but it was good. moving onto agape would be kinda scary seeing as my mom was going there just 5 months ago. but they are good people.

fantasy football has been rough.. i've gone 1-5 in the last two weeks.

after a whole week to do devotions, i'm only on day 3 of purpose driven life. i swear i'll be better! doh!

saw 'kill bill' yesterday. overly-hyped movie. is it just me or was this movie really *yawn* boring? okay, so people's limbs and heads were chopped off. so what? what about the other 1.5 hours of nothingness? qt - i'm disappointed. the toes part was funny tho.

getting fed up with my computer.. overheats all the time, especially now with heat turned on

my dad is coming back tomorrow! i'm so excited.. i miss him so much!

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