October 17, 2003


noticed someone searching my page for McDeal information. Here in Canada, here is monday to friday:

Monday - Big Extra Meal
Tuesday - Big Mac Meal
Wednesday - McChicken Meal
Thursday - Two Cheeseburgers Meal
Friday - Fillet O' Fish Meal

If you have a McDeal meal, it is $4.27. You can also just get the burger(s) for $1.39 that day. It's a good deal, in my opinion. Anytime you can fill your belly with a drink, fries and a burger all for under $5, that's a good deal.

My schedule looks like this:

Monday - Big Extra Meal
Tuesday - Big Mac Meal
Wednesday - McChicken Meal OR Manchu Wok ($5.97). I usually get the 2 items deal. Noodles, shanghai pork and either green bean beef or pepper chicken.
Thursday - Manchu Wok (5.97) or a Calzone ($4.27) from Mrs. Vanelli's
Friday - Often times Friday we go out together to eat. It could be Pho or Mamma's Pizza. Or just a random restaurant in the area. I could also have the lamb dinner or roast chicken dinner from the Friendly Greek, or a submarine from Subway. Submarines are a bit more expensive because I find that a half sub isn't enough to fill my stomach, whereas the full is too big. I can finish it, but end up feeling sleepy for the rest of the afternoon. Plus it's around $7. The Greek food is eiher $5-7, depending on which meal, or whether you get a salad or not. Or I could have another Calzone.

In a week I am spending around $25 on lunch food. I guess if made my own lunches, it would cost around $10/week. But then again, time is money and spending that extra hour on Sundays (or for some people who prepare lunch the night before) just isn't worth that $15/week, to me.

Right now I am limiting myself to spending approx. $100/week, as in that's all I take out per week. Some weeks I'll have $40 left, other weeks I'll have nothing left. So I figure as long as I limit myself to that amount, in the end I can only spend that much on average, per week. I'm spending on average about $150/month on various bills.

The other day I was calculating my expenses and realized that I'm not making much money at all. I think many people at work would be surprised I was making so little.. but then again it's only my first year of working. Then you factor in the fact that I'm living on my own but my parents paid for it, and how I really only paid 1/3 for my car. Plus most guys my age have a girlfriend, and since I don't one that saves me quite a bit too. All in all I am living a pretty good life.

Speaking of that my parents are constantly in my ear urging and guilting me into finding a girl and getting them some grandkids. Dad makes a good point that the older I get, the pool of good women gets smaller. This is a really good point. Less than a year ago my opinion on getting married was that the only point of getting married was to have children. I love children.. thus I always felt that the alternative to marriage would be adoption.

However, ever since my family moved away I have really started to cherish the times whenever I am with friends. I now value that companionship, so I think more about finding that special someone than I did before. Guy friends are one thing, but eventually that guy is going to look for a girl, and then he will have less time for me, eventually having NO time for me. Thus it brings me to my final point.

Living. Money. A job. God. I'm so close to "having it all"...

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