October 25, 2003


it seems like the show has changed to Wednesday at 10pm on City, instead of Tuesday's a 8pm. Weird.

Anyway, I missed an episode, last weeks, because Roger's didn't bring back my cable as promised (they brought it back a day later), then two days later, they stupidly cut it off again. What a dumb bunch of idiots.

Anyway, back to the show. Kristin Kreuk is really pretty, still.

One beef with the show I have is this. What happened to Pete? This kid gets virtually no air time, even though he knows Clark's secret and is Clark's best friend. Is this cuz he's black? That's so wrong. Meanwhile, I don't care as much as long as Lana gets more airtime.

Still, you gotta feel somewhat bad for Sam Jones III. He must've thought he was getting that "Big Break" when he signed on and read the part about being Clark's best friend and getting to be in the know of the secret powers. But he gets nothing. He more like just a recurring character on the show.

Give Pete more love guys. C'mon!

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