May 08, 2005


This is the second movie in a row that I've seen, that ended with a tribal african song. I really like that kind of music..

Went to see "The Interpreter" tonight, with Eric & Nicole and Ina. 9:20pm showing @ Rainbow Theatres, Fairview Mall. I love going there because it's so cheap that even if you see a bad movie there, you don't feel ripped off. Except of course, if you went to see "King Arthur" there like I did. *shudder*

When you see Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman, you at least expect a good movie for the simple reason that these two professionals wouldn't pick a bad script. They are both well established and respected in their industry.

The Interpreter was a good movie. It wasn't an 'edge-of-your-seat' thriller but it was definitely very engaging and exciting. You could tell by looking over at Ina who had her hands over her ears for most of the movie, expecting something to happen. (Just a guess, for all I know it could have been because her ears were cold..)

*possible SPOILER*: I was expecting an even bigger twist that didn't happen. Pretty much at some point I clued in that it might be Silvia who would be the assassin. I thought somehow she would be the shooter, and that her flute was a piece of some elaborate make-shift sniper rifle. *end of possible spoiler*

I would say that the actors made an otherwise okay movie into a good movie. Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman gave SUPERB performances. The two of them were brilliant in their roles and in my opinion, carried the film, turning a 7/10 movie into a 9/10.

("Millions" sets the standard for any movie I rate this year. This movie wasn't as good as "Millions", and thus I can only give it a 9/10. With that said though, since "Millions" instantly became my 2nd favorite movie of all time, you might say that 9/10 = 10/10, but you won't hear me say it.)

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