May 08, 2005

NBA: Round two

Admittedly this is coming late because the first round has already started. But let's do a quick recap.

Ben Gordon did not win Rookie of the Year.
Ben Gordon won Sixth Man of the Year.
Grant Hill did not win Most Improved Player.
Andrei Kirilenko did not win Best Defensive Player of the Year.
Steve Nash won Most Valuable Player.

Miami swept New Jersey.
Phoenix did not beat Memphis in 5 games. (They swept)
Detroit did not sweep Philadelphia. (Took 5 games)
Washington beat Chicago in 6.
Dallas did not beat Houston in 6. (Took 7 games)
Indiana did not beat Boston in 6. (Took 7 games)
Seattle did not beat Sacramento in 7 (Took 5 games)
San Antonio did not beat Denver in 4 (Took 5 games)

So.. I was wrong on most of the predictions, but at least I got all the teams right. Given some surprising performances, I'd like to revise my next round of predictions:

Miami over Washington in 4 (no change).
Detroit over Indiana in 6 (I now think that this series could go either way. I realized having watched them play Philly, that Detroit isn't as good as they were last year. Their bench is very thin. Also I think this series will turn out a lot more even than I previously thought, because of these two teams' history.)

Phoenix over Dallas in 6. (no change)
San Antonio over Seattle in 6. (I didn't know Seattle was as good as they turned out to be. I thought they were all shooting and nothing else, but Jerome James has proven he can put together more than 1 games in a row where he plays really well. I still think they'll lose though.)

The only series worth watching now is Phoenix and Dallas. It'll be quite a matchup, crazy scoring. I suspect every game will total 140 points or more. The Detroit series will be interesting, just to see Reggie Miller's farewell tour.

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eBrian said...

Haha.. with the injury to Ray Allen, it might be a sweep for the Spurs.