May 18, 2005


So there I was, sitting in the 4th row in the Toronto Congress Centre. To the right of me, sat Yee Lee, a worship leader at Toronto Chinese Community Church. In front of me, Phil Dooley, the youth pastor from Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. Beside him, his wife and their baby. In front of Phil, was Joel Houston a worship leader with Hillsong United, author of songs like "One Way", "Evermore" and "Everyday". To the right of him was Mia Fieldes (okay, so I had to look that one up) singer and songwriter for Hillsong United (the only female in their group). And then beside her to the right, Marty Sampson, worship leader for Hillsong United, author of songs like "All Day", "God is Great" and "King of Majesty".

Wow. I was totally starstruck and yet, not at all because we were all standing their worshipping God and looking at the legendary Noel Richards, rocking it up on stage and leading a congregation of hundreds in raising the roof in God's name.

The night started with the song above, "Above All Else" by Vicky Beeching. Then Tehillah Toronto played a few songs. They are a pretty crazy band, lots of members and they kind of went nuts. The pianist was rocking so hard that the keyboard almost fell over!

After that, Noel Richards joined the band and rocked hard.

More to follow..

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