February 22, 2006

I'm in love

That's right, it's finally happened. I'm in love.

Last night, a girl sang "Since We Fell In Love" to me, and I fell in love almost instantly. She had an amazing voice, she was like Norah Jones but with more soul, and silky smooth almost like Streisand. Flawless on the pitch.. man, she was amazing. She has long brown hair, and sweet, innocent smile. She sang for about 2 minutes and I was hooked.

Her name is Katherine McPhee.

Too bad I have no chance.. she'll be this year's American Idol.


michellejl said...

I'm bad with names and song titles...not sure who you are talking about. lol
But the last one has my vote, she seems like such a sweetie...and she can sing! As for the guys...again can't remember the names or songs, but I think it was the last 2...last one for sure. The other one had long curly hair...

eBrian said...

It was definitely the last girl. Yes.. great voice and when you she stood around and the judges went through her routine, the way she carried herself, you could see she could become America's sweetheart.

Out of the guys, I found a lot of them were too weird to be an "Idol". Like that sweet kid who looks like he's 8 years old, nice voice but can he be an Idol? Probably not. Or that guy who Simon called "the best singing talent we've had in 5 seasons", he looks too goofy.