February 21, 2006

No compassion

While we were sitting around in the living at Andrew's place in Ottawa, I noticed that they had a picture of a Compassion kid on their fridge. I pointed it out and Andrew said his name, as if he was reciting something. I thoought it was funny, because it seemed as if he was being tested. Lisa explained that she does all the writing for the letters they send to the kid.

I explained to them that I couldn't write to my kid, because I didn't know what to say without offending or disappointing him. I remember calling Compassion and asking them what I should write about, and they suggested I tell them what I enjoy doing or eating. I thought it was crazy. I mean, imagine I tell him I like playing video games and eating pizza. These are luxuries he will probably never see.

We got into the subject of sending them our pictures, which we both agreed is not the best idea because we really don't know what's happening on the other side. Who knows if there's even a kid at all, maybe it's all a show. Etc. (Mind you I don't actually believe this, but if there is 1 fake out there out of 1000 kids, I wouldn't be surprised.)

What about visiting the child? My feeling is that it would be detrimental to visit the child, because if I went there, and he saw me and saw what I was wearing, and how healthy I was, then he would know that I could afford much more than just the measely $30 I send him every month. The fact is, each of us could afford to feed entire villages for decades with what we make in a month.

So yea, no visitations.

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mil said...

but you should still write to your child and send them stickers!! :D