July 07, 2006


So it occurs to me today that I need new blogging friends. Michelle is long gone, and my real life friends are all updating on a *quarterly* basis.

I had this amazing thought, a great post to make. It's still in draft mode but it's a really good one. Y'all should just keep checking here til I finish it. It's just *that* good. The whole sermon, if you could call it that.. I mean it's more like an encouragement or spirital rant. But anyway, like I was saying, the whole thing is wrapped around lyrics from a John Mayer song.

For those wondering about my cooking adventures, I have some pictures but I'll post them (probably never). I'm currently in week 3 of a long pasta phase. Ever since I discovered fresh pasta at the supermarket, I've gone nuts with it. I'm made spaghettini, linguine and ravioli. Creativity with ravioli leaves much to be desired. But with the others, I've had the most fun with linguine. I made a seafood linguine, had everything but calimari in it. It was pretty tasty.

But my favorite one right now is the broccoli and grilled chicken breast one, with alfredo sauce. I just love this one, I've had it for dinner about 8 times in the past 3 weeks. Pasta totally rocks, and I can totally see the whole "pasta makes you fat" thing, it's so true.

Been working out lately, mostly arms and shoulders. My purpose for working out has changed. Lon told me this, about working out, not for myself but for the glory of God. His idea is that, the longer you live, the longer you can spend in your life glorifying God. I can totally understand that and I'm going with it. If I die early because of my own sloth, I've basically thrown out this responsibility I have of living my life fully to glorify Him. Cuz I'm dead.

Another great reason for working out, especially for my arms and shoulders, is so that I'll have less trouble lifting kids up over my head when I go to Longlac. I remember having a lot of trouble with that last year. Piggyback rides are one thing but when they ask to go on your shoulders.. that can get painful.


Lon said...

Thanks for mentioning me Brian. Coincidentally i mentioned you too in my blog today... i posted up that old face-off picture you made of us!

You should check out the voxtropolis community, i've strangely connected with quite a number of people blogging through it.

michelle said...

Hey Brian
I'm not long gone...not posting but still reading, although it has been a while since I've made the rounds. Great to check and have a few posts to read. (and of course it's when I don't really have time to read properly, how ANNOYING! :P) hehe Don't forget to check my blog once in a while, will get around to posting eventually. Or may just start a completely new one. If that happens, I'll send you the link.
God Bless