July 06, 2006


You are listening to "Just Like You" by Jadon Lavik. Yup, thank goodness for Jadon Lavik, no wasted $17 here!

Today is Kenric's birthday. He's 28. Kenric is my friend and I like him a lot. I hope he's having a nice day.

I feel so *blah* today. I had soooo much work to do this morning, it just came as one big blur because I had to get it all done before my meeting at 2. Work is gonna be crazy for me the next couple weeks. I have to get everything on my plate finished before I go on my trip.

I almost missed my Longlac meeting late because I thought today was Wednesday and the meeting was on Thursday, so I sat at home eating dinner and then suddenly I get this call from Pastor Daniel:

Hey Brian, are you coming to the meeting?
me: There's a meeting?
Um.. haha, yes.. did you forget?
me: I thought it was tomorrow.. but today's.. oh crap! I totally forgot.
Well, just come now, we have a lot to cover.
me:[no shit, damn] okay, sorry, I'll come right now *sigh*
Okay, I won't tell them that you forgot. [click]

I've discovered that I use the word "annoying" a lot. I'll tell someone that I find another person annoying, or that the sound that machine makes is annoying. I think that I use the word too much, to the point that there's no way to measure how annoying something is, because my overuse of this word.

I was thinking about developing a scale of annoyance levels. For instance, "Ben Mulroney annoying" versus "Wanda Sykes annoying". On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the most annoying, Ben Mulroney would be a 2, while Wanda Sykes would be a 10, just above "Nails on a chalkboard"'s 9.

I think Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom should start a club, a club called the "We Are Bad Actors So Don't Bother Watching Movies We're Starring In" club.

It just occurred to me that these 3 guys have collectively come up with some of the worst movies of all time in the past 10 years. I wonder if there were similar guys from back in the day that had this amazing gift, like an Anti-Midas touch of turning films to feces.

I watched Superman Returns last weekend. It was an awesome movie. I'm really biased when it comes to this, as a fan of Superman. But personally, I thought it was an amazing movie. Man, I wish I could fly. I mean take away the super strength, super speed, rugged good looks (which I already have anyway), x-ray vision, laser eyes, super cold breath. I'll just take the flying please, it's good enough for me.

I really like Superman. He's the savior of the earth, just like Jesus, only Superman is a fictional character whereas Jesus is the real mccoy.

I'll be leaving for Longlac in 9 days. It doesn't feel like it yet. I mean to say that my head's not into it yet, and neither is my heart. Please pray that I get there as soon as possible. I think this missions trip is going to be totally amazing... I just hope I don't miss it..

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