July 08, 2006


Since I never got around to a trip to Africa, and seeing all of Ina's photos to Hawaii, it really got me thinking about what I could do (likely next year). Since I'm not going this year, I'll likely have 15 carry-over days giving me a grand total of 30 days next year. Now assuming I'll be heading back to Longlac again next year, that leaves 25 days of vacationing!

I was trying to think of a good, purposeful or even meaningful vacation spot. A couple weeks ago during a bible study I was looking through the neat maps in the back of my bible and I stumbled upon the idea of backpacking through the middle east and Europe, touching on the cities and locations that Paul visited during his missionary journeys. I think it would be really cool to try to retrace Paul's steps, although I don't even know if those cities still exist. The picture I've uploaded is the third leg of Paul's journeys.

Yesterday for small group we had praise and prayer. It was basically something that I've been hoping and praying for, a chance to quiet down, lift up my burdens up to Him and just spend some time with him. Things have been so hectic lately, all the work that is piling up on my desk at work, all of which I basically have to get done before the end of next week. Then worrying about being prepared mentally and spiritually for the Longlac trip in EIGHT DAYS. Gosh.. But last night gave me the opportunity, finally, a quiet night where I could just commune with God.


Psycho Girl said...

A Paul's Journey vacation is a good idea.

eBrian said...

I just realized that the picture is actually the 2nd leg, not the 3rd.

michelle said...

I love those quiet nights alone with God...:)
I'll be praying for you while you are in Longlac.
Very ambitious trip you are planning, but sounds like one worth taking...i'd prefer a trip like that, rather than one lying around on a beach doing nothing...if ya kwim..

out_there_q said...
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Anonymous said...

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