September 18, 2002

I've been watching a lot of TV lately. It's come to a point where I look forward to the next day, or even plan my day in order to watch what I want to watch.

To give you a picture of how sorry my life has become:

Sunday - Football game at 1pm, 4pm, and 8:30pm. Also Simpsons at 8pm, Malcolm in the Middle at 9pm, both on Global and Fox. Band of Brothers at 10pm, on Global. I think this means that The Practice won't be premiering until Band of Brothers finishes, unless they've moved time slots.

Monday - Boston Public!! 8pm on Global. Monday Night Football, 9pm on ABC. Fear Factor also at 8pm (NBC). Everybody Loves Raymond at 9pm (Global, CBS).

Tuesday - That 70's Show, 8pm on Global and Fox - Eric and Donna are back together! Next week is Frasier season premiere. Niles is getting married to Daphne! (9pm on Global, NBC). Tuesday's also has Smallville at 8pm on CityTV, season premiere next season. 8pm? doh.. conflict

Wednesday - Enterprise at 8pm on City -- I know a lot of you are down on this show. Give it another chance! Also first seasons for any ST series has sucked because of the all the rushing to develop their characters. Now comes the juicy stuff we've all grown accustomed to from Roddenberry's work! Today I watched Fastlane. All the hype surrounding it didn't lie.. this show is pretty off the hook, though it probably shouldn't be allowed on Primetime. Parents beware!

Thursday - Next week Friends (7:30pm on Global, 8pm on NBC) season premiere. Also new show Hidden Hills, gotta check that one out, it looks funny! Don't forget Survivor: Thailand, 8pm on Global. Btw, this week Friends is a one hour special, so it will go directly against Survivor. I'll have to tape one of them. Then there's Will & Grace at 9pm (also a 1-hour special just for this week).

Friday - Friday's are a bit controversial, because I'm supposed to be at fellowship. But new shows Firefly (8pm on Fox), and John Doe (9pm on Fox too, I think) look very promising.

Saturday - Master's of the Universe(He-man remake!!) at 10am on YTV, X-men (remake as well) at 10:30am on YTV, Justice League at 11am on YTV. Justice League is so cool, they have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and a whole slew of other superheroes. Last week Batman.....DIED!!! Oh, also on Saturdays is a show at 7pm called Mysterious Ways (CTV). I really like this show, and I don't think too many people know about it. It's basically like X-Files, only they investigate things that appear to be modern-day miracles.

Dark Angel was cancelled -- too bad. Also Spin City was also canned. I know you guys won't believe me when I tell you that I didn't use a TV Guide to come up with all that (above) -- but it's true!

I think I'm still missing other shows. Once basketball season starts, I'll have to be watching all those games too. I spend quite a bit of time watching sports highlights and cooking shows too, but not particular shows, just the ones i happen to catch from random flippings. I also watch Leno, but only for the opening monologues.

There's also 7th Heaven. Our family used to watch on WB, but our black box died, so now I don't know how we'll watch it. It's a very good show as well.

Something I think is sorta funny is that Growing Pains is on CTS now (the christian station). Back in the day I didn't think it was even one of the good shows, because Mike Seaver pull some pretty crazy stunts back then. It's funny how a show like that is considered "Good Family Values" now.

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