November 18, 2005


New best line ever:

Supernice: [da ge ni shi ji du tu ma]?
Translation: Big bro, are you a Christian?


S: [wo ye shi]

(awesome, that makes me so happy)

S: [shi a wo de ming zi jio jiao ma dou]

(not sure what that means, maybe his name is biblical)

S: [ye su de men tu zhi yi]

(Jesus' something something..)

S: [wo hen gan dao qing xing a]

(I am very... argh I wish I knew what this meant!)

S: [wo de jia ren quan dou shi ji du tu]

(My whole family are all Christians)

Well, that's just a summary of our conversation today. I am totally happy about this.. it's just amazing how and where God is working. It almost makes me want to quit my job so I can chat with this kid all day long. Anyway, I'm going to work.

S: wo ren shi da ge zhen de hen gao xing. zhe jiu shi shang zhu an pai de a


b.p. said...

i was just thinking yesterday that you could use WoW as a ministry, and today, i read about this! seems like the last line really confirmed that.

i couldn't quite follow some of the pinyin but i think the "Jesus' something something" says "Jesus' disciples something" and maybe "I am very touched something" for the other one - LOL, i'm not much better :P

eBrian said...

I got it.. Ma Dou, that's Matthew.

You're pretty good, I didn't even know you knew any mandarin.

out_there_q said...

this is so exciting! your conversation may be what starts to redeem the gaming sub-culture. There's a whole theology about "redemption to" a fallen lifestyle. wo ye shang xin zhe shi shen an pai de.

eBrian said...

Redeem?! What's that supposed to mean?

GY said...

Haha.. I think the "shi a wo de ming zi jio jiao ma dou" should be parsed as: shi a [yes!] wo de ming zi jio jiao ma dou [my name is (therefore) matthew] as you already figured out! It's great! Do you know where they are from though?

out_there_q said...

redeem... uhm, I mean... I haven't tended to think very highly of gaming! :} this is NOT anything like the misguided peeps who try to witness in bars and stuff. sorry, doesn't mean I think poorly of you, Brian! (best that I stop writing now, eh?)