November 25, 2005


Immediately after my interview, even before I got the job I had lunch with a co-worker and he asked me how long I could see myself working at my position. I told him 5 years max.

Ever since I got my full-time job I have been devising a plan for myself, for my future. In my mind I have never really pictured myself as a "lifer" at the City of Toronto. It's not the work, or the pay, or even the position I'm in -- but rather the sense that I can do something more useful in serving my Lord. That somehow, somewhere, God has made available for me, a place place that needs me more than where I am today.

I think, that when you think about that for yourself and for where you are RIGHT NOW, that you may need help convincing yourself that where you are is where God wants you to be. Because sometimes it just seems a little too easy, or too convenient.

Like you got this big promotion, and you think -- well there's no way I could have got this without God's hand in it, and therefore it MUST be where God wants me to be. Or maybe things in your life both professionally and personally seem to be falling into place exactly how you thought they'd be, and you've decided that this you've been praying for something in your personal life to happen, and finally it has and you decide that it must be God's will.

What I've learned over the years is that there is absolutely nothing convenient about being a Christian.

Or I could be wrong, maybe you are fully convinced that where you are right now is exactly where you were ought to be, that you have fulfilled your complete potential that God has given you and that God expects nothing more from you. Personally for me, I'm not convinced.

I remember when I was a teen, and I was sitting around at home doing absolutely nothing, my mom would out of the blue ask me: What is your plan today? I used to hate it when she would ask me that because I never plan anything until the last minute.

Slowly but surely I have been putting together my "plans". Some of them are wild ideas while others are "safer". But the gist of the whole thing is that I'll quit my job in 5 years -- 5 years from the time I got it, which is about October 2010. From that I plan to sell everything that I own and move to the East.

I will share more as I figure it out.


michellejl said...

God has a special purpose for you, Brian. If you feel restless where you are, and feel in you heart there is somewhere else you need to go then that's a pretty good indication those feelings you have are there for a reason. Follow God's leading and timing, and things have a way of working out. :)Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts seminar? If not, I can email you the questions to help you have a better idea of how God has shaped you to serve others. (if you are interested)I found it very interesting.
Have a good weekend!

out_there_q said...

Lord willing, my plan's in place for departure next summer... just a little behind E & C. and just a little ahead of you.
know anyone who'll help me sell my worldly possessions?