November 24, 2005


I've found that lately, I have been really emotional. That is, "open the flood gates" emotional. And the strange thing is that it has been during happy and joyful times.

For instance, it started on Sunday when the Raptors won. I was so happy that my eyes welled up with tears. It was a great day, we broke our 9 game winning streak and really pulled through. It was like a great weight had been lifted and it really made me so happy.

Next time I had some tears was at the concert on Tuesday night. It was when Chris Tomlin was singing How Great Is Our God, it made me tear up just a bit. He was playing his guitar all by himself. It was just him singing and playing with the rest of us. Like a jamming session starring Chris Tomlin. That was really great.

Finally last night the flood gates of joy came pouring through when in LOST couples were reunited after some thought they were gone for good. When Bernard was reunited with his wife Rose and Jin and Sun were reunited, I bawled my eyes out.

I think the reason it hit me was because I truly do miss my parents more than I thought I did. Living up here in the wintery north pretty much all by myself, with occasional visits from my brother. Over the past 3 years I've gotten used to living on my own but I guess it didn't really hit me how much I missed my family until I saw these fictional characters reuniting after the thought that they had been lost for good.


michellejl said...

Will you be visiting your family over Christmas? Where do they live?
Sometimes when we don't get to see our family ALL the time, it helps us to truly appreciate them when they around, and makes for some very good quality time together. And guys get emotional too, nothing wrong with that!:P

michellejl said...

and what a blessing to have so many happy and joyful things to be emotional about. :) Better to have happy emotions than sad ones!
I've been having more of the sad ones myself lately, but hopefully that will turn around soon. Of course it wasn't too long ago I gave this speech/testimony sharing with people what God has done in my life and I got so incredibly emotional, like 10x more than at my baptism. Crazy eh? Anyway, I'll quit rambling now! :P I can't sleep and I ramble lots when I'm overtired! hehe
Good night!