November 11, 2005

k-love in Canada

Well, the finally responded to my email in requesting the signal in Canada. Pretty much the answer I expected. But check it out at the bottom, a Director was CC'd. I only CC stuff to my director when it's something very important!

Anyway, here it is below.

Dear Brian,

Thank you for your e-mail to K-LOVE Radio. I am glad you took the time
to write.

Because we have received a high volume of e-mail recently, we have
fallen behind. We are working hard to catch up as quickly as possible. I
hope you will forgive me for not answering you sooner.

I really appreciate your enthusiasm for K-LOVE's ministry and your
desire to hear our programming in Toronto. Currently, we do not have any
specific plans to expand into Canada.

K-LOVE has not yet pursued broadcasting outside of the United States.
The requirements for radio licenses from country to country have
presented a significant hindrance to expansion. Our Signal Expansion
Department continues to look at a variety of options for international
expansion. Your prayers would be most appreciated.

Canada's governing body for radio stations, the Canadian
Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), requires that
all radio stations must ensure that 35% of their popular musical
selections are Canadian each week. This restriction precludes us from
airing our current format in Canada.

I hope you find that this information has been helpful and that you are
able to stay connected to the K-LOVE family by listening on-line at May God bless you.

In His Service,

Ken Turner
Correspondence Assistant to Signal Expansion

cc: Sam Wallington, Director of Engineering


Darryl said...

stupid canadian content reqs
how do pop music stations survive?
they must play a lot of avril lavigne and BNL

what rappers are canadian? how do R&B stations broadcast?

out_there_q said...

now that's giving you face! (jeepers, I'm so Chinese sometimes!)

Calgary's got Christian radio the dial... Shine-FM ... good music, and some hokey music. some talk. plus your 'standard' conservative programmes (sermons, Dobson, etc). waddya think?

eBrian said...

I think there are two things that need to happen before we get a radio station of K-Love's calibre (that is, a station actually worth listening to). CHRI in Ottawa comes somewhat close, but again they fall into the same problems likely Shine-FM falls into, that is, not enough Canadian Content. The results in a lot of talk radio rather than music playing.

I remember CHRI had dedicated hours of the day where they'd play hits, and the rest of the day was talk radio. It was sad. If it's 35%, maybe what they could do is play 65% of the day of good stuff, and then switch to talk radio during hours people are sleeping. Or is it 35% during prime-time hours?


C said...

there's a good station here in Vancouver - Praise 106.5 FM - I like it alot. Everytime I turn it on they are playing music and reporting some traffic (usu while driving in the morning to work and from work in the evening), and I like their selection. Somehow I guess they fit in 35% Canadian Christian music?? Gives me a good start and end to the work day :)
Wonder if you can check it out online?

C said...

oops, i think that station i talked about is based in Seattle but I can pick up the signal here -although they do give Vancouver traffic updates...

Russell Grandbois said...

Listen through the app if your in Canada I do 24/7