June 26, 2006

New musics

Hillsongs London
Hillsongs is becoming contagious, which is great for the ministry but bad for my wallet. London (England) has their own Hillsongs now, their very own band. I at first that London's Hillsongs was comparable to Hillsong Australia (Darlene et al) but when I sampled the CD, I found it's a little bit closer to Hillsong United's style of music, which is to be expected, the generational gap and all.

(Turns out H:L was already around 2 years ago, but this was the first I've heard of them.)

It reminds me very much of United's earlier stuff. Rock-style praise & worship, but not as edgey as it is today. Today's United is borderline hard rock, very loud, metallic. But the old stuff was just young people singing P&W with a rock twist.

If I'm not mistaken, Matt Redman is on this CD, as well as one of the guys from Delirious.


This is a brand spankin' new band. Their name is derived from December, a month that is of the high importance and joy for us as Christians, the month when we celebrate Christ's birth.

DecembeRadio is a classic rock band, unlike the newer rock we hear today that 10 years ago was called alternative -- DecembeRadio is more of what we called rock 10-15 years ago. I got a chance to sample their debut self-titled album.. I really liked the song called "Drifter".

The new album comes out June 27, 2006.


Another new band. Their debut album is called "Breaking The Silence". They sound a lot like Linkin Park, without the rapping, or least that I heard from the free samples.

Red's sound is rock, very loud, not for the feint-hearted. It's loud guitar and lots of yelling and loud tenor. To summarize: Mom and Dad may think that you're rebelling or have joined a cult. And apparently, when these guys perform it's completely over-the-top, they can swing their guitars around their body and one time it got so crazy that one of the band members' guitars hit another guy in the head and he had to get stitches -- um yea, "yikes" is the word I was thinking of too.

But in general the music is full of passion, very emotional. And I like the sound -- it sounds like they're a pretty talented bunch of guys. I might actually buy this one, just cuz it sounds so great. It'd be cool to blast this one in the car.

This album is already out, though unsure if it's available here.

David Crowder Band

David Crowder has a new album coming out called "B Collision", a follow-up of their disappointing album "A Collision*". It's more of the same stuff, an acoustic remix of a few of the songs from the first disaster.

* Note: Remember these are all just my opinion. A friend of mine has this album and actually likes it. _shrug_

After listening to "A" for some time, I had the inkling that he was in it for the money. The reason being I figured he couldn't care less that the album totally sucked because he knew that after Illuminate, people would buy "A" out of sheer excitement and curiousity. But upon hearing "B", there's just no way anyone will buy this crap so obviously he's not in it for the money. I now believe David Crowder has gone coo-coo.

In Illuminate he sings about being drunk with God's love -- Inhibriated. I don't think he's drunk. High maybe, but not drunk.


akt said...

despite what you say, i still say that david crowder is super cool. at least, maybe that he has a super cool stage pressence. don't you like the song "All I can Say"? or something like that? I think I will buy Collision A...:P

eBrian said...

Hmm... I'm not sure what you mean by that. "All I Can Say" is David Crowder with an acoustic guitar -- very nice song, nothing like "A Collision".