June 27, 2006


Sigh. I drank way too much water today.. been to the bathroom about 6 times in the past hour. Have to go again now. Sigh.

Yesterday I went to Charles' home to iron out the final details for the VBS that we'll be teaching on the final day at Longlac. We're leading the story of the Prodigal Son, which will end our lessons for the week. Our theme this year is "Relationship with God", so we're doing the final, unconditional and irrational love, followed by a story about salvation and the making of salvation bracelets. Pastor Daniel wants each of the pairs (teaching VBS) to present our plans to the rest of the group this Thursday.

It's been a challenging time for us because neither of us have any experience teaching young children (I didn't lead a bible lesson last year). However, Charles is a teacher so we were able to delve into some of the ideas he had from his education/training. And I bring the experience of helping out last year, and knowing their mannerisms and tendencies.

After that, I headed for Mitchell's bookstore, hoping to pick up the Red CD "End of Silence". Fortunately I arrived at the store 30 minutes before closing time. I found the album under the New Releases section. And then, I did something that I knew I would totally regret.

I noticed an album by the group Pocket Full Of Rocks, which is a band that I had heard of from reading the top billboard Christian listings. I had never listened to their music, had no idea even what genre they were. But you gotta figure that if everyone likes them, they must be good, right? RIGHT?

Wrong. I'm sure you know what I'm leading up to. Take it from me, don't buy CDs impulsively. 17 bucks down the drain -- Lesson learned.

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