June 19, 2006


I went shopping for clothes on Saturday with my brother and came across what I suppose is a common quandry for out-of-shape people, like myself. You get to the clothing hangers, in this case, the pants area and you start looking for pant/waist sizes.

So I'm looking at the pants near my *current* waist size, and thinking if I should buy these pants that will be very comfortable for me, but slightly larger. OR, should I go for the ones that are slightly smaller, force myself to suck it in but if I workout a bit, they'll fit perfectly.

Because the thing is if I do buy the smaller ones, and do workout, then I'm better off. But if I buy the comfortable ones, it'll allow me to fill them out even more, and then the next thing you know I'm at the store buying even bigger ones because I've managed to fill out those fat pants.

In the end I winded up getting all my size or larger.


michellejl said...

I hear ya! John won't let me buy the slightly smaller size anymore! hehe ;)

eBrian said...

That's different though, you guys are married. I need to keep motivated to push myself into at least attempting to make myself attractive.

Or maybe I should just let it go.. loose pants feel really good!

gettinfitmama said...

I didn't say I wasn't motivated..:P LOL(really, I am trying to lose weight, and doing not bad) I meant that it is depressing to buy clothes that fit when I think, with just a little extra effort I could fit into this size instead. And then I come home, and John is like"I hope you bought something that fits, or you're taking it back" My success rate hasn't been great*blush*, so I end up with more clothes that almost fit...and nothing I can actually wear. But it wasn't a total waste, I'm almost fitting into them now. :) You can do it too!! I told you, start a fitness/weight loss blog. I could use some company. ;)

eBrian said...

I can't do the blog thing because then I'll have to be accountable to it. ^_^

My main reason for working out is for Longlac, so I can lift kids up over my head more easily. I had some trouble last year with some of the bigger kids. As for the belly, that is really more for me.

michellejl said...

Isn't being accountable the whole idea? :P

I'm still confused, you didn't look out of shape in the pic from the last Longlac trip. :P That's cool you're going again, when is it?