March 16, 2007

Lame Duke

Duke totally bombed yesterday, taking out a large chunk of my NCAA bracket predictions with them. I remember about a month ago, there were still 2 minutes left in a game they were losing, and Josh McRoberts was sitting on the bench sobbing. I tucked that image away in my head but I should have used to to make my predictions. Duke has no leadership which is why they lost the game. While I can't blame this particular loss on McRoberts, this will definitely his draft stock, if for any reason that other players will get a longer chance to showcase their talent. I still think he has more potential than, say, Aaron Gray -- but he has no way to prove it now.

Speaking of which, here's hoping VCU rights a wrong by beating Pittsburgh in the next round.

Everything else was okay for me except for the 8/9 matchup between Michigan State and Marquette. Perhaps Marquette's loss here is a good indication for Dominic James to stay another year. Anyway, these 8/9 matchups are tough to call. My next one will be Villanova against Kentucky. I picked Villanova but it really could go either way.

One game to watch today is Georgia Tech vs UNLV. I see a mini-upset there. Another one to keep an eye on is Memphis.. I think they are a crap team, even though they received a #2 ranking. If there's one high seed that could be upset, I think it could be them.

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