March 30, 2007

Random thoughts

Today in the subway I managed to get a good seat. I find if I'm either very late or extremely early, I will get a pretty good seat. Also, I find it easier to get a seat the closer you are to the front of the train. Anyway, today was a late day and I even managed to get my favorite seat in the second car. My favorite seat is the ones facing either front or back (not to the side), and sitting closest to the wall of the train. I find those seats usually best for my posture, when the train stops and goes it doesn't send your body in one direction or another.

I also find those seats cosier, and particularly in winter time because the heater is usually just below this seat.

Anyway as I was saying, I got a good seat today and sat down and pulled out my book. I've been reading "The Life You've Always Wanted" by John Ortberg. It's a good read I guess. I'm on the chapter that talks about the sin of hurriedness and how to slow down your life. I find this chapter rather humorous. Ortberg talks about how multi-tasking, road rage, and rushing are all forms of this hurriedness that we need to train ourselves to avoid. I found this quite funny because Ina and I have had so many conversations about these very things..

But back to my story. I was sitting there reading my book and this woman or girl sat down beside me. I could tell she was probably a good looking woman because all the men around us were stealing glances at her. This is actually something I do all the time, I think it's fun. I like observing other peoples' reactions (in most cases, men) to women. A woman doesn't have to be good looking, but if she's blonde you are almost guaranteed that men will turn their heads to take a good look. They will even nudge eachother and in one single nod with their head all their pals will be looking over and gawking. It's absolutely hilarious. Men are pigs. By the way, women often also notice good looking women, only it's not so much a gawk like guys, but more of a "I hate you, but I have to admit those are nice shoes" look.

Right so back to my story.. of course, couldn't see what she looked like because she was right beside me, unless I leaned far forward and stole a look myself, which in my opinion, is just wrong. Anyway, she pulled out a magazine and started reading. It was a magazine about celebrities and their lives, you know the ones with the fashion do's and don'ts, papparazi pictures of their personal lives, gossip, things like that. I continued reading, but every once in awhile I couldn't help notice how engrossed this woman was in her readings.

I think it's sad how these people who are in one particular profession -- in this case, acting, have become such idols in the world today. Who cares what these people are doing in their lives? They are entertainers, nothing more. Who cares about what their babies look like? Why would I want to see their kids, if I don't even know them? It doesn't make sense. And why is their such a fascination in how many times a person goes to rehab? Another thing is the clothes.. don't even get me started on that one.

If someone came up to me and asked me what I was wearing, I would tell them, "Are you blind? I am wearing clothes. Can you not see them? Get that camera out of my face, please. Oh and by the way, Jesus loves you." "Oh I see.. who made them? How should I know? Um.. one sec. It says 'Made in Thailand'. My guess, it was a Thai person."

Just the other day, my cousin emails me and asks me about the glasses that Clark Kent was wearing in the movie "Superman Returns". As if I would remember something like that. That movie was a year ago, how in the world would I remember what some dude in a movie was wearing? I mean talk about a useless fact to stuff your brain with. "YES! I *do* know! Ah ha all you naysayers! I knew this information would come in handy some day, so I had it tattoo'd on my arm. Let's see.. It was model 5222-062XFPWES.. hold on, the rest of it is on my other arm.. -250-GGF0-11. It's from Lenscrafters, it comes in 3 colors."

I mean come on. Apparently he wanted to know because he wants to look like Clark Kent.

Has the world gone mad?

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