October 05, 2011

Today's thoughts

I've been following Whitney at about a week behind's pace and I like it a lot.  This is a funny show, about a fairly average girl who has tons of insecurities and a fairly hilarious boyfriend who tolerates her.  It reminds me a bit of Friends but more relationship-focused than just 6 random single friends and their silly shenanigans. 

Pan Am
The first 20 minutes of the pilot was boring.  Could be because I wasn't paying attention, but then they started getting into the spy stuff which I thought was pretty cool.  Adding intrigue instantly made it something I'd be interested in watching, though I'm still not sure if it's enough to keep going with it.  We'll give it a few more episodes.  Between this and Playboy Club it's no contest though, Pan Am wins.

(Plus, NBC just cancelled Playboy Club.)

Allison Miller looks like Jan from The Office
Allison plays "Skye" from Terra Nova.  She reminds me of a younger and prettier version of Melora Hardin, who played "Jan" on The Office.  

Andrew Luck
Stanford's quarterback Andrew Luck is so good that fan of mediocre NFL teams have started a phrase "Suck for Luck", in the effort to will their teams into losing so they have a shot at Andrew Luck.  Count me in on this.  I'd love to see the Colts lose (not that they need much help doing this) and then have the current best QB in pro football mentor the future one.  

I've been pretty impressed with the Luck thus far.. he draws a lot of comparisons to Peyton Manning in his ability to call his own plays, and adjust to defenses on the fly.  Physically I think he's actually far more imposing than Manning.. he can run and hits pretty hard, and recently even caught a pass. 

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