October 07, 2011

Today's thoughts

Almond Butter
I've always wanted to try almond butter ever since I heard about it.  Almonds are good for you and they taste great.  Peanuts are good for you and they taste great.  So it makes sense that almond butter is good right?  Wrong.  Almond butter sucks.  We tried some at Costco the other day, and it was not good at all.  It's like eating peanut butter without any taste.

Provincial Politics
Last night, Ontarians voted to get Dalton McGuinty back again as the provincial leader of Ontario.  To put this into perspective, this is the guy who came up with the 13% Harmonized Services Tax.  Thirteen frigging percent.  Kind of gives you an understanding of how bad you have to be to lose to this guy.  I don't know anyone who enjoys paying taxes, let alone 13% taxes.  Why did he win?  Because of Stephen Harper and Rob Ford.  No one wants to see a three-level Conservative government.

I don't like Dalton McGuinty at all, but thank you Jesus.

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