October 06, 2011

Today's thoughts

Steve Jobs
I've always hated Apple and I hated them a little less after Steve Jobs stepped down, but his death is still a significant loss to the world of technology and innovation.  Steve Jobs was a visionary and a master at marketing, and along the way provided a lot of great ideas -- which I appreciate.  BUT, I still think their products are overpriced, and anyone who believes in sharing, freedom and the good things of the world should be strongly against what Apple actually stands for. 

Sarah Polley
My wife and I both went to high school with Polley.  I distinctly remember sitting behind her in Mr. Axom's grade 10 English class.  We thought it was neat when we read that she'd married Dave Sandomierski.  He was my year's valedictorian, and an all-round nerd.  (Well rounded actually, if I recall he was a great cross country runner).  It's just funny to think of hat because I remember during a fire drill this guy was wearing one of those silly hats with helicopter blades spinning above his head.  What a goofy kid. He's at UofT now getting his PhD in Law.  Good for him!

Basketball-related income
Basketball-related income (BRI) is one of the major issues that players and owners are in disagreement about for the NBA.  From there stems the salary cap, guaranteed/non-guaranteed contracts, etc etc.  But it all starts at BRI.  

I see the NBA as a very player-driven sport. I'm not a basketball purist where I can honestly say I was entertained after watching a very technically sound basketball game.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I enjoy watching bad basketball as long as there's a star playing, but the game itself is just not enough for me to watch.

Conversely, I can watch a football game between two teams that I have never cheered for in my life and still enjoy watching the game.  Ever since Peyton Manning got injured I've pretty much been watching teams that I don't really like, play the game of football, and I've already watched 3-4 full games this year.  So it goes to show that I'm as much a fan of the sport as I am with certain teams and players.  I cannot say the same about the NBA.  I have a very difficult time staying focused on an NBA game that has nothing to do with a team or player I care about.

So for that reason, I believe NBA players deserve a majority when it comes to the breakdown between player and owner of BRI.  They deserve it.  

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