October 19, 2011

Today's thoughts

Ashton Kutcher is not winning
I don't know my motivation, but I am trying really hard to like the new Two and a Half Men, sans Charlie Sheen.  This show just doesn't work without him.  And it seems like either Ashton Kutcher or the writers, or both, are confused about who his character is.  In the beginning he seemed like a very dark and sad character, but highly intelligent and successful.  Later it became more apparent that he's quite immature and almost child-like.  Now, it seems like he's a college frat boy. 

I get that they're trying to feel things out but it's kind of getting out of hand.  Top that off with Berta who they've kind of forced a larger role upon, but she's always only been good at snide remarks and one-liners.  Thrusting her into a more prominent role seems really forced.. there's no reason for her to be any more involved than before.  They should have started "Walden" as a dumb frat boy who inherited billions, rather than a self-made man.  

Minka Kelly should return to Parenthood
Clearly, the relationship between Crosby and Jasmine is never going to be fully reconciled.  Why not just bring back Gaby and give the guy a romantic interest?  Minka Kelly is way too good looking to not be on television.  Since Charlie's Angels directors/writers refused to take my advice, the show's been canceled and Minka needs a new job.  Do the right thing.

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