September 28, 2003


this is a marvelous drink. my romanian coworker repeatedly raved about this soft drink, to which i simply laughed and mocked him. but then after reading countless positive reviews (it was almost as if "fanta" was some kind of drink for gods) i decided to try it out.

i drove out to sheppard and pharmacy, to a store called "ABC Delicatessen", a romanian owned convenience/meats store. they had shelves and shelves of meat, and fanta. it was crazy, a huge lineup of people, all european, and i was the lone chinese fellow, standing in line amongst about 30 people, each with a slab of some sort of meat in one hand, and a bottle of fanta in the other.

it was then when i realized that fanta had some kind of weirdo cult following!

mind you, if you have tried fanta you probably had the north american kind. for some reason north american companies think that orange soda should taste like orange colored sugar water. if you've ever tried drinking crush or c'plus, you will know what i mean. it even stains your teeth like cheesies. this drink reminds me of Orangina only not bitter or tangy. also, Orangina needs to be served chilled or it tastes nasty.

european orange Fanta is by far the best orange soda i have ever tried. when i open the bottle a crack to let the gas out, it smelt like mandarin oranges. the aroma was so real!

i also bought a bought of the berry flavored fanta. i haven't tried it yet, but check to read a comment about the stuff, search for "fanta" on this page. I just love the part when they called it the "precious necktar of berry goodness".

berry goodness?


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