September 10, 2003

first day
today is my first day at jury duty selection. i'll keep you guys posted what happens.

yesterday i picked up my car. i was so excited! the car drives really nice! when i accelerate, i don't feel it much, the car is really smooth. i drove it at night and the lights looked pretty nice inside. all orange.

the stereo deck is probably the only disappointing feature. i guess being used to drive the van, i didn't have to reach as far to change stations and skip cd tracks. but the sound system is also pretty good. i don't think i'll get new speakers.

some people mentioned i should get tinting. i might. hard to tell if i need it since i drove at night.

of course its got the new car smell which is nice. i am hoping i get sent home earlier today, instead of 6pm, because that way i can drive around and have some fun, maybe go and buy some clothes or something.

i'm bringing my owner's manual and my bible for reading at the waiting room at the courthouse. i gotta go now.. ttyl!

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