September 07, 2003

guess who's back?

Okay.. I gotta keep this more up to date. It's just a matter of me opening this up every day.

This Saturday I went to see a film from the film festival. It was called "Zatoichi", which is a legendary character, a blind guy who kicks ass. The movie was funny, and tons of action. It was a samurai thing, done in japanese, with sub-titles. It reminded me of many of the anime movies i've seen. It started out really cool, Zato kicks ass, like 5 guys at once, blood squirts out and gushes everywhere. Lots of blood, that's what I remember most about it. There was so much blood that at some points people were just howling in laughter because it was so unrealistic.

And just like many of the anime's, the ending made absolutely no sense at all.

I went with my old highschool buddy Max. I hadn't seen him in about 6 months. I've found that even though we're still friends, due to the 5-6 years between of "growing" up, we have absolutely nothing in common anymore. No similar interests, other than ice cream.

Listening to him talk about things made my mind wander and think about how I've changed since highschool. The experiences I've gone through, how much closer to I've grown to my Lord. The different people I've met that have changed my life forever.

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