September 22, 2003

i was just reading that the emmy's have been getting bad ratings lately, year after year less and less people are watching it. i have some theories on this matter:

a) people who grew up watching the current shows are getting older; more mature, and just couldn't care less anymore about it.

b) award shows in general are overrated. do you really need awards to feel good about yourselves? aren't the $1M per episode salaries good enough? i mean really, what should other industries start giving out awards for best manager, or best telemarketer? best phone answerer?

c) the two times i tried watching it, there was a black woman doing the hosting. she was terrible. apparently she has her own show! goodness, what were the networks thinking??

something that disturbed me deeply a week ago was when the metro (free newspaper in toronto available in the subway stations) had news of "J Lo" and ben affleck's relationship on the front cover, as the headline story. what the hell? who cares?!

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