September 27, 2003

Yesterday my classmates came to Milestones downstairs for dinner, then came up to see the place. They were very impressed, and were making fun and teasing me about how huge the place is. Actually they made me feel pretty uncomfortable.. they made me feel ashamed of what I have been blessed with. I don't know if they meant to or not, but many words were hurtful to me.

I don't think of myself as "rich", just very blessed and thankful for the years of hard work my parents put into their careers just so that my brother and I could have a comfortable life.

I think it's a different kind of culture for them. These are the people who want to move out badly, not thinking really about the closeness of family and being more concerned about their own wealth and privacy. They all thought I was the luckiest man alive, whereas for me, I would trade it all for a 400 sq ft apartment if I could have you guys right down the street.

I guess they don't think about things like that because they take that for granted. Maybe they are less mature in that sense, still feeling like their parents are a burden to them, rather than realizing they are in fact the burden of their parents. It's interesting comparing these people with church people.

Church people, the instant I tell them that my family is moving to the States, they ask if my brother is going, or why I am not going with them. Whereas my classmates, instantly they ask me if I will have my own place, will I get a car, etc. I don't know if that reflects their priorities in life or what.

I think this directly correlates with what I learned about many christians and how they cut off their relationships with non-christians. This past evening has made me think about my classmates in a different light altogether. Are they my true friends, or just people I happen to know?

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