April 22, 2003

just down the street

Yesterday we moved, to the "Royal Pinnacle", which is basically Empress Walk. It took us 3 trips with the Hertz cube van. Stan was nice enough to call the night before and volunteer to help us out if we needed him. With my dad aging and my mom and her sprained wrist we definitely needed the help. I'm so glad my brother has gotten so big so that he could help us. Some of the stuff was pretty heavy. Plus I got a bad back and bad knees.

I'm not gonna lie, moving sucks. It's tiring and a lot of the stuff you move is pretty dusty so you get pretty dirty from it. My legs, back and arms are killing me right now.

I like my new place though. I have no couch, no lights, no internet, no cable, no telephone. But it's cool though, I could go down for groceries in my PJs.. I could go to work in my PJs. HAhaha
I sleep on a mattress on the floor.. it's like i'm a student again

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