April 01, 2003

My gadget urges have returned. One of my co-workers started looking into Palm's Tungsten T handheld, and he and I were both looking at the website reviews and specs. Then, the new DBA who joined our group last week had the new HP 1910 iPaq. It looks pretty wicked, nothing like the big bulky iPaq's that I'm used to seeing. This one is sleek, it plays mp3's and has voice recording. So the last day or two I've been trying to compare the two.

The Tungsten T seems like the best deal right now. It's small and compact. Moreso cute than the sleekness of the 1910. It has the cool 'transforming' slide open Matrix-esque thing. It has voice recording. It can play mp3s, with the proper software installed. It costs about $600. It's color. Palm OS 5. It has a headphone jack. It's equipped with Bluetooth technology. Right now, Futureshop is offering a mail-in rebate for it that gives you a free camera attachment to it.

The 1910 is just $500. It's sleek and sexy. Very very thin. It runs the Pocket PC 2002 edition. The screen is bigger than the T, and it has higher resolution. Since it's a Microsoft platform, the syncing is obviously better. It has excel and word, and you can get Winamp for it (which is free, not like the mp3 player for palm).

The key is though, that the hp thing looks so much cooler, but the palm is more practical, but more expensive at the same time. Neither of them are compatible with any of the stuff I bought for my Visor, which btw, I don't even touch anymore.


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