April 07, 2003

We've had really bad weather the last few days. Freezing rain, and coldness.. windy.. and a bit of snow. We had about 3 inches of pure ice, which my brother and I spent 5 hours on Saturday chipping away off our driveway. We had some fun doing it, by competing to see who could get the biggest "chip" of ice. I had one about 1 square meter. It was pretty sweet. We made a lot of them and made sculptures and tables from them. I thought about doing our own stonehenge, but instead we just made a bunch of them and spread them around the lawn.

It's kinda neat when it's that icy. Even the snow on the lawn was so frozen you could walk right on top of it with it breaking. But it was a lot of work, and after 5 hours of it my bro and I were totally exhausted.

The day before, fellowship (coffee house) was cancelled because of the weather. I went to see the basketball with kenric. We sat in the Sprite Zone. I've never been to ACC before but I was pretty impressed with it. We had the cheapest seats in the house, but I could see the game perfectly. It appears that every seat in the house can see the games quite well. It is even better than the Corel Centre in Ottawa. The game itself was awesome too, the Raptors we being doubled by halftime, and in the end of it lost by almost 30 points. Needless to say I was ecstatic with the final result. However, there was a small damper in it, in that the Raptors didn't manage to reach 100 points, despite only needing 2 points in the final minute (3 possessions) to reach that mark. The audience is granted free pizza when the Raptors score 100 or more points. The boos came raining down as time ran out. This had to be this worse case of mediocrity I've ever seen any team display. And to be able to pull it off for a full 48 minutes, that's impressive. I've seen teams play poorly for stretches during a game, but not for the whole game from beginning to end! Go Raptors! Go Lenny! Welcome to our city Lebron!

On Sunday my brother went to a game too. This time the Nets helped our cause by beating us by 9 points. The team woke up though, they actually played basketball. But they lost, and lost Vince Carter in the process too. Carter played 1182 minutes without getting injured. So much for my pool, I betted he'd reinjure himself within 150 minutes.

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