April 14, 2003

On Friday, Genesis held a coffee house. I was quite surprised, people brought in quite a few new people. There were many new faces as well as some old, people coming back to visit I guess. I had invited a friend but actually a group of my friends had gone out to celebrate a birthday that night. I feel kinda bad for not going but I only found out about it a few days ago, weeks after Coffee House was planned. I took part in the skit as an extra, playing one of the passengers on a subway train. The skit was about a guy who somehow died because of a train, and it was focused on his discussion with God about why he wasn't going to be going to heaven. It was a pretty good skit, with Andrew doing the dead guy and Stan doing God's voice.

On Saturday, in the morning my mom and I drove to scarborough to give our bird away to a family friend. My bird is/was a cockatiel, named Woody. When we first got Woody, he and I developed a pretty good relationship. He would gladly hop onto my outstretch finger and let me pet him and play with him. He used to sit on my shoulder while I did the dishes or other chores around the house. I remember one time I had him on my shoulder and I went out to check the mail box. All of a sudden he start flapping his wings and he started flying down the street! I was so scared of losing him I ran out onto the street in my barefeet and chased him down the street. Eventually he got tired (he doesn't normally fly a lot), and landed down on the ground, I picked him up and carried him back home! I even taught him to say "hello Woody", and "Kiss Kiss!". At first I tried to teach him how to whistle the Leave it To Beaver theme song, but it was really hard for him, too many variations and tone changes. As I went to school we grew apart. Birds are really stupid, most likely the reason for the expression "bird brained". Each time I tried to play with him he would reject me because he forgot who I was. He would hiss at me, and try to bite off my finger. He once bit almost clean through my father's thumb! As he became more and more hostile me and the rest of my family stopped playing with him. He was a menace, and he developed an annoying shreak, and he would do it over and over again, especially in the early mornings. Lucky for me my room is right below him so he would wake me up every morning as soon as daylight hit. It was so darned annoying! Anyway, the Woody era has ended as my family doesn't believe he'll make the flight down to Nevada with them.

Saturday afternoon we went to check out the condo. It was all cleaned out, except for the guy's sock drawer. He even left some unopened packages of socks.. score! We didn't do any moving but we booked the moving elevator for the afternoon of Easter Monday. I will probably move bits and pieces throughout this week and next, but we'll try to move all the furniture on that day. Oh, they also left the light fixtures, one over the dining room "area", and one at the front. I really liked them and was hoping they'd leave them. They are blue with the silver chrome that I really like. SCORE!

On Sunday, my brother went early for a 25 km hike. Apparently it was training for a trip he will go to later on to Algonquin, a science/nature trip with his school. That's pretty wicked.. I remember in Grade 11 BIO we went to a place called Bark Lake to do similar types of experiments with nature.

Service was extra long. They cancelled communion because of the SARS scare and replaced it with about 15-20 minutes worth of prayer. I fell asleep during one of the prayers. Some bad news: our missions conference speaker James Hudson Taylor III had to be quarantined because someone in his office might have gotten SARS! Apparently around 50 people had to quarantined. Service ended at around 11:10, giving us 20 minutes of break in between service and Sunday School. That was a bit worrisome for me and my mom, she prepared snacks (a lot of them!) and I didn't know if there'd be enough time to serve them. Luckily for us, my mom is a great baker, she made cakes and I didn't even get one. I went to get a cup of tea, and when I came back to the snack table, everything had been cleaned out!

After church I went home, and at around 3:30 Lon came to pick me up to do fitting for a tuxedo for his wedding. SteveChin and I are groomsmen, and JonSit is the best man. It's pretty funny how weddings are such a great big hoopla, but really moreso for the parents or the bride and not so much for the groom. I think the biggest thing about weddings for the groom might be the engagement, and possibly at the ceremony itself. Fears of all those movies where the girl doesn't show up.. haha. None of us seemed to know anything about styles of tuxes. Each time the girl showed us a design, we pretty much looked back at her blankly, not knowing what to choose. Thankfully Yvonne gave Lon a few instructions so we managed to pick a style. Getting fitted/measured isn't fun. You feel like you're being measure up. I found myself almost trying to suck in my belly when she measured my waste. I felt like I was on display.

After that, Lon drove me down to newmarket where yvonne had been with sylvia, who was having a rock-climbing birthday party. I was to meet up with them there and join them for dinner. We ate at a Thai restaurant owned my Syl's uncle. They were short staffed and Syl and her sisters had to serve as waitresses! The food was amazing though. I still have never tried Pad Thai because of the fried eggs in it. I really ate a lot though, I am still full even now as I type. The desserts were pretty awesome, I ate and kept eating even though I was so full. I knew I had reached the end when I burped and some food came back up.. haha.. gross..

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