April 16, 2003

Monday we were supposed to move some things over to the condo. I wasn't clear on what I needed to pack to bring there, so we ended up not moving at all. And of course yesterday Smallville was on. Yesterday was April 15, the day we had both been waiting for since 2 months ago when the show went on a brief rerun string. Yesterday's episode "Visitor" was pretty good, except for the minor holes that their writers always seem to have. For instance, how the heck was that kid Cyrus able to build that huge contraption without anyone noticing? And if it wasn't really a communication tower, what the heck was it? What were those sounds he was hearing when he was in the school lab? Wouldn't anyone with within the state be able to see that light shoot up into the air? Why doesn't Clark just scan every suspicious person for meteorite fragments instead of wasting a whole episode trying to figure out if he's for real or not? Finally, can Clark see through himself?

With that said, being a big Superman fan I still love the show. It's still pretty entertaining and bit by bit Clark will learn more of his powers and why he was sent to earth. Somebody asked me about the music for the show, this can all be found at this site. Be wary of reading the spoilers though, the site is extremely accurate..

I checked out The Animatrix, an anime spinoff from the Matrix. It's all free, downloadable from the web. It's really nice. The graphics are stunning and I really like the stories.

We are going to move some stuff to the condo tonight, since there's nothing on TV to stop us =P. Apparently I will be living there by Monday night next week, so I had better start packing. My mom and I had an argument last night. We will be moving one of their bookshelfs to the condo, and I suggested storing all of the books there in the storage area of the building, since no one has touched those books for as long as I can remember. For some reason she took offense to that and said she wanted to keep the books on the shelf in the condo. That really made no sense to me, why waste the space with books that no one is going to use? Why fill up perfectly useful shelf space with books no one ever uses? Bah, maybe I am missing something or insensitive, or maybe I'm too practical. I've always been the type to throw things away if I know I won't use them again -- unless the stuff has sentimental value.. I dunno. The thing is my room right now has bookshelf built into the closet. I won't have those shelves at the new place. So I guess I'll have to move all my stuff down into storage and go back and forth whenever I need to use my books. That sucks..

Last week everyone on the 19th floor of my building at work was sent home for quarantine from SARS. Yesterday, 2 more people from the 20th floor were sent home. It sounds like it is moving it's way upstairs --- I work on the 27th! Today I'm having a meeting with some people who work on the 20th. If I had a choice I wouldn't go, but I guess I don't. It would really suck if I got SARS. Dying isn't so bad, but we live with our grandparents so there's risk to them for sure if I got it. Plus my brother just got healthy from being sick the last few weeks, and he and I both have asthmatic histories.

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