April 17, 2003


Yesterday I took about a third of all my clothes to the condo, plus a box of text books. I was able to put all my clothes into the closet, either on the hangers or in the shelves of the closet (which i didn't even know existed til i opened the closet yesterday!). Part of me is sorta dreading the move, because I will be without cable TV and internet for at least a week. I suppose I can go down and check out the gym, or maybe.. read or something.. heh

The Leafs lost last night. I went to bed after the 2nd OT because I just could not stay awake. They lost, which is good in the way that I didn't waste my time staying awake to watch it happen. Today at work my boss offered me two game 6 tickets, for $150 each. I thought long and hard on it, but finally decided I'd rather keep the money for a tungsten, or dvcam.. or, just save it period. I would have taken my brother with me, we celebrate so jubililantly at home when the Leafs score, I was thinking it'd be pretty wild to do it with 20 thousand other people. Maybe next time, when I'm making say, enough money that I can throw away that kind of money in one night. Hah

I've got TONS of work to do now.

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