March 04, 2005

fun template

this isn't it

This is not the template I've been working on. I found it on the web and thought it looked pretty nice, so I through it in. I like the color changing thing. Kinda cool.

vertical music

This is a site that I found purely by accident after buying the Jason Morant cd. They have some good stuff, you guys should check it out sometime.

I found a band called the Desperation Band, they have some good songs. The band is lead by 3 associate pastors: Jared Anderson, Jon Egan and Glenn Packiam. Jared Anderson's stuff is a mix between a toned down Paul Baloche. Jon Egan is just like Vineyard or toned down Hillsong.

Then there's Glenn Packiam who is more fitted to what I like, more full band rock-style. Songs like "Satisfy", "From You", "Willingly", "Everyone (Praises)", "We Lift You Up" and "For Your Name". This guy rocks..

almost called

I almost called you up yesterday but then I realized a certain television show was on and didn't want to disturb you. Let me know when's a good time to call!

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