March 02, 2005

yahoo's 10th

Subject: ice cream

Today was Yahoo's 10th birthday. They had this giveaway of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. We all printed out coupons at work and I was really excited about the prospect of free ice cream. I even emailed out to some friends. But then later on, I realized that in the fine print it said for US only. What a bummer.

I had this crazy build-up in craving for mint chocolate chip though. All day I was thinking about it. Mmm... mint chocolate chip..

Then later on, one of my friends at work discovered it DOES work in Canada. So that got me super excited again about the prospect of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Oh boy I thought..

But to my disappointment, there weren't any Baskin Robbins near my work.

So anyway, when I got home I went to Loblaws and went searching for mint chocolate chip. All they had was "mint chocolate swirl". Bleh.. but I bought it anyway. After dinner (I forgot to save some room for it) I had a massive bowl of it, I am so full from it. I swear if I have another bite I'll throw up.

subject: sports

Lots of predictions and projections coming up for the NCAA basketball tourney. My pick this year is the North Carolina Tarheels. I think this year they have what it takes to win the whole thing. I've accurately predicted who would win it all for the last 2 years (pretty much since I started watching it).

more prediction
subject: sports

I also said about 10 months ago that Ben Gordon would be rookie of the year in the NBA. Emeka Okafor has pretty much run away with this award. He is averaging a double-double, and though he's already hit the rookie wall, he continues to put up solid numbers. Ben Gordon has only started (about a month ago) to play like I thought he would. I don't know if he can still win the ROY anymore, but at least he's played close to my expectations.

Maybe if the writers see the impact he's made with the Bulls, and maybe if Gordon makes some more game-saving plays and become a key cog in the Bulls' return to the playoffs, he might force Okafor to share the award?

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