March 12, 2005

So there I was, driving up an onramp, in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic.

Actually, it wasn't the opposite because everyone was going the wrong way. I'd just dropped off my mom at the airport and was on my way home. On the 401 (east). Once I'd cleared the terminal and was allowed to go 100 km/h, I hit a parking lot. It was insane, it wasn't even like stop and go, we were just parked there.

*I saw people get out of their cars and walk around*

On the way to the airport, the roads had been treacherous. It had snowed for around 15 minutes of heavy heavy snow. I'm guessing there was an accident ahead. So anyway, I was on the leftmost lane, and there weren't any exits nearby. But there was, just ahead of us, an onramp of local traffic merging into the highway. I saw cars go past it, and then start backing into the onramp, and then driving *backwards* back up the ramp to local traffic. It was insane.

Well as you all know I have a very poor sense of direction. I had no idea where I was so the idea of going backwards up the ramp into local (i guess it was etobicoke) would be sheer madness. So I just sat there in my car listening to MercyMe's Almost There album. I got through about 6 tracks and we hadn't moved (I had turned my car to Park by then already).

So, I went for it.

By then most of the cars to my right and in the vicinity of the ramp had decided to take it. So now cars were just going up the ramp, not backwards but still the wrong way. They were just driving up now. I saw some big ol SUV's just hop the curb and go up. I inched my way over and finally made a big U-turn and started going up.

Then when we got the intersection, as luck would have it, a police car was up there waiting for all us illegal ramp jumpers.

So I spent the night in jail.

Okay maybe not. But that'd be cool eh? He just let us through, probably because he didn't have enough tickets for all of us. I followed some other cars for awhile, cursing at myself for not bringing my cell phone. Eventually I saw Finch and started heading East, before I knew it (nearly an hour later), I was home.


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HULLO!! - and you say you're scared of MY driving??!

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i knew you were gonna say that.