March 12, 2005

two movies

First of all, I'd like to apologize about the format of my blog template. I'm not sure what I was thinking but it's gone now and let's all just forget it ever happened.

Tonight was my mom's last night here so I decided to spend the night with her instead of going to small group. We rented a couple of movies to watch.

My cousin and I were having a debate over a movie called "The Notebook". I only know what I know from reading reviews and comments from friends. I knew that it was a movie that invoked tears from the viewer and that it was a romance chick-flick. My cousin had seen it and was raving on about how great it was. He and I have never seen eye-to-eye on movies so I certainly had my doubts about how good the movie was.

Well, to make a long story short that movie sucked. I would have to give the movie a 4/10. It copied just about every love story I can think of. *Spoilers ahead*

Let's list the story and you tell me how many movies you've seen with the following themes:

1. Summer romance.
2. Two people who don't really get along or have much in common but are in love.
3. Rich girl, poor guy, rich parents think girl throwing life away by being with guy.
4. They break up, but both long for eachother and regret the loss.
5. Guy writes girl, but someone hides the letters from the girl.
6. Girl moves on with her life, finds another man.
7. Guy vows to one day win her back.
8. A chance meeting, memories come flooding back.
9. Mother decides daughter should choose love over wealth.
10. Girl chooses the summer romance guy.

Sound familiar?

I gave it 4/10 for one reason alone (instead of 0/10), the outer shell of the movie was original. That being the old man who reads the story to the old lady with dimentia (she's the girl and he's the guy). He reads to her every day because he loves her and wants to try to jog her memory of the love they once shared.

Despite having my doubts about the quality of the movie, I thought for sure I would cry, but I only cried once, it was when the old lady finally remembered who she was and who the old man was, and remembered their love -- only to forget all of it again. That was really sad..

*No more spoilers*

So yeah, overall the movie was a big disappointment for me.

I don't have a lot to say about The Terminal, except that I'm glad I saw it second so I could erase most of the memories I had of The Notebook. (Although writing this blog has jogged my memory again, doh!) I found certain situations in The Terminal to be really funny. The difficulties he had in communicating with people, and just some of the ways in which he improvised so that he could actually live there, for the months he did.

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