March 07, 2005

mark burnett

Today I took my mom out for dinner, we went to the Shanghai place over on Silver Star. It was good food again, very yummy and we brought food home so I'll have a yummy lunch tomorrow!

It's rare for me to watch TV on a Monday night, but I did..

I watched this new show called "The Contender", another of Mark Burnett's reality television shows. He made Survivor and also Apprentice. He's also helping to produce Martha Stewart's show too.

The Contender was amazing. It started out with team competition, some brains/brawn team contest, much like Survivor or Apprentice, but it's the second half of the show that really brought out the drama and excitement. The winning team chooses one guy as the real winner, who then gets to 'call out' a fighter from the other team and challenge them to 5 rounds of boxing.

The guy who won (West coast team) picked one of the best fighters from the East Coast. It was a surprise because you usually want to take out the weaker fighters first. The East Coast guy was a really good boxer, 21-0 lifetime.

Anyway, to make a long story short the underdog guy won! There was so much drama.. his entire family was in the stands cheering him on, and the other guy's wife and daughter were looking on.

Mark Burnett has done it again... I can't believe how good this show is! I don't even like boxing!

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