March 09, 2005


I have a hard time believing that people have time to talk on the phone at random times. When I'm doing something and someone calls me, I try to make it short so I can get back to whatever I was doing. You can tell someone's busy when they try to conclude every sentence or that you can hear this sense of urgency in their voices.

On the other hand you could be really busy but enjoy the company of the other person. Then it's not a conversation at all. It's two people connected by a thin wire but neither is saying anything. You're still connected, but you're doing your own thing at the end of the line. You both just like the idea that if anything does come up, you'll have someone to tell right away.

Just a random thought.


I think I've lost all my geekiness. I feel dumb. :(

american idol

What gets me about American Idol is that all of the 20 finalists could easily beat out any of the previous Canadian Idol winners. Why is Canada so lacking in this department? Okay, maybe not all 20 finalists. Like that girl who sang the Barbara Streisand song. Sorry, did I say sing? I mean *butchered*.

fob stage

As you may have guessed by now, I'm going through an Asian music phase. Not to worry, these things don't last for more than a couple weeks. I remember in University I went through a FinKL stage. And a group called As One.. they were really good.

Right now I am listening to a song called ¹ú½á Àϳâ by ºê¶ó¿î¾ÆÀÌÁî. I took it off some dude's blog from Singapore. I've got absolutely no clue what this dude is singing about, nor what language he's singing in. Although once in awhile he says "I believe in you", and then it's either "I believe in your mind" or "I believe that you're mine". Haha.. This is something I find very amusing, the fascination of mixing English into their songs. It sounds so silly. No one else does it, just the Asian folks.

Yea so Asian music right now, with a mix of Mariah Carey. The trouble with listening to Mariah is that I have a tendency to want to sing along to Mariah, which is just not possible at work! "All I want for Christmas... is you!"

Speaking of which.. I really miss Mariah Carey. I hope she comes back to us someday.


GY said...

Learn the Chinese songs and sing them for karaoke! Haha..

eBrian said...

That was a really short-lived phase I went through. 9 days!

To respond to akt's geekiness comment which has since been deleted since I switched back to blogger comments:

The techie in me is gone.